Jen has been the most amazing broker. I love that she this so willing to go to bat for me and stand up for what is right. I have watched her go out of her way to make everyone feel important. I never feel like I am a burden or that she doesn't want to talk to me. I never feel like she's talking trash about me behind my back. I love that she does everything by the book. I'm so grateful that she loves to be law abiding! Who would have ever thought that would be so exciting?! But mostly I love all of her special woman powers. She has the ability to do things that I have never had a broker do. My favorite things she has ever done for me please sit on the floor with my toddler while I wrote up an offer. It was priceless and precious.


-Brook Haslam

Presidio Real Estate has a break through model, that exemplifies the mantra of "Raising the Bar on Realtors". In an industry where the consumer has not always had the best experience. Jennifer, not only provides a stellar example but she is also considered the Expert in Utah Code Law. Not only protecting her agents and fighting for their rights, but also holding them to a higher standard while teaching the best real estate practices. Jennifer believes in coaching agents to grow their personal businesses by getting to know each individual needs and creating a process for them to focus on and move towards.

Jennifer started her own Brokerage just 5 years ago after watching several of her colleges fail in real estate, due to the down turn of the market and high Brokerage Fees. She vowed to create a company that put more money in the agents pockets rather then lining her own. Jennifer will often tell you, that because she doesn't have any children of her own... her agents are her highest priority. Her everlasting dedication is to her agents first and foremost. Sacrificing her weekends and evenings to help answer questions or walk an agent through a tough negotiation. Her personal example to anyone in real estate will tell you that she ALWAYS gives back. Either by volunteering, donating, or showing support time after time. She is a pillar in the real estate community. Jennifer is well respected by all of her peers which is a true testament to her on going persistence to both Real Estate Professionals and helping to protect and fight for Home Owners.

Jen is the stardust sprinkled on my success! Jen is all I need as an agent. She is that person I can call without hesitation that will address my every question, concern or is there just be the listening ear I need. Jen is highly respected in the industry and possesses the highest level of integrity and that is who I want to be associated with. She puts herself at risk by being our Broker which allows us to make a living. She pays attention to what we need as agents and provides the training and education to back it up! I am proud to say I am with Jen Yeo at Presidio whenever I am asked


-Deborah Logsdon

Jennifer is so kind and carrying about everyone. She will take time to assist anyone with their business needs. She is way knowledgeable and will give you great council to make a deal happen or solve a problem. She is always investing in improving the company and her self to be the best she can be. I enjoy being around such a winning attitude that has a great vision for the future.


-Jeffrey Montgomery

I know I have a Broker who has my back. That the growth of my business is important to her. 
Someone who makes time for me, whether I need questions answered, or business advice, or just someone to 
bounce ideas off of. It means I have a Broker who has the same ethics and values as I do. I am grateful to have 
Jennifer Yeo as my Broker

-Sherry Carruth

Having Jennifer as a Broker means to me that I have not only have a best friend that ALWAYS has my back, but I have an advocate in my corner to help FIGHT my battles WITH ME! She helps to protect my career as well as my families well being.

I love that I get to work side by side with such an endearing, compassionate & strong woman. Jennifer inspires me to be a better Realtor, a better Professional and a better Mom! I'm so blessed to spend everyday with her, helping to build a culture and a legacy that is life changing in our industry.

-Pamela Pamela
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